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Single Family Additions

Engineering and Architecture

We set ourselves aside from the competition by having multi disciplined staff on board. Our licensed contractors have expertise in interior design, our mechanical engineers perform structural calculations and electrical layout. This results in a well coordinated planned outcome that is done to perfection from the start, Feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation to explore in depth how we will ensure your project is a success. call Moda @ 408 628-2752

The Invisible Additions

Being undetectable is the key to a successful addition

“If you cannot see the additions then we have succeeded.”

Re-configuring the existing layout

Seldom a designer is able to plot the layout of a home extension without having to block existing bedroom window a slider door, or even worse bathroom windows rendering the bathrooms dark and lacking proper ventilation. To ensure an addition is flawless, the designer need to relocate / re structure existing windows HVAC ducts , perhaps upgrade existing heating furnace or add an air condition system. Larger areas require larger systems to deal with the increased heating or cooling loads.

Design right from the beginning

I have worked throughout my career on very large projects where designs had to be modified several times during construction, while this might be inevitable some would argue, I see it a huge pitfall if you allow this to happen in residential projects.

Simon S. , Design Engineer

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